Arcadian 55 Gallon Hand Sanitizer




Arcadian 55 Gallon Hand Sanitizer

Sanitation Suppliers now holds the Arcadian 55 gallon hand sanitizer drums of hand sanitizer. Minimum is One 55-gallon drum per order and is available in full pallet and truckload quantities. Available in both Gel and Liquid.of hand sanitizer are available in both Gel and Liquid.

Arcadian’s hand sanitizers are available in both Gels and Liquids. Our sanitizer maintains a quality standard above what is recommended by the CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines. Arcadian sanitizer utilizes ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol as the main reagent while also containing glycerin as a mild moisturizer. While our main focus is to support bulk hand sanitizer orders for first responders, our hand sanitizers are also available for commercial and consumer orders as well.

Arcadian offers hand sanitizers in a variety of sizes, appropriate for all your hand sanitizing needs. Our hand sanitizers are in stock and offered in bulk quantities. Benefits of Arcadian’s hand sanitizers include:

Arcadian 55 Gallon Hand Sanitizer Benefits:

  • Effective hand sanitizer for first responders
  • Suitable for consumer use
  • Complies with CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer
  • Glycerin added as a moisturizer
  • Multiple Size Containers Availability
  • Short Order Lead Times
  • Ability to ship to Multi-Site Operations with Central Billing

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Returns: 30 day refunds/returns for products that were damaged during shipping or if the wrong product is shipped.

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