The Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen!

1. Declutter your drawers – and cabinets too

Decluttering your drawers is the first step to an organized kitchen. Now is the time to reassess your space and utensils – look around your kitchen and think about your current set-up and how it could be improved in terms of convenience. Is your silverware drawer across the room from your plates and bowls? Are you always crouching down to pull gadgets from the bottom shelf? Now is the perfect opportunity to transform your space into something that works to your advantage. If you are okay with where things are at in your kitchen, then move on to step


As obvious as it may sound, the first step to declutter your drawers is to remove everything from them. Take this time to deep clean your drawers with an all purpose kitchen spray and damp cloth, wipe out all the dust and crumbs that may have accumulated there and prepare to place them back. If you don’t already use them, consider investing in a separate drawer like organizer for your silverware, appliances and other knick knacks such as this our utensil and seasoning organization box. For larger drawers and cabinets that house your pots, pans, and even bakeware dishes, you may want to consider a 3-tier organization rack. Begin placing your items into their spots, making sure to stack neatly and align when you can.

3 level spice rack

2. Get your spice rack in order

If you love flavorful meals and an abundance of spices, it may be difficult to keep them organized. Similar to the step one, the first thing you should do is remove your spices and clean your cabinets for a fresh start.


Second, go through your herbs and spices and discard the ones past their sell by date – did you know that most ground spices lose their aroma and ability to season foods after about two to three years? Ground and leafy herbs have an even shorter lifespan, about one to three years. If you aren’t already using one, spice rack organizers take all the stress out of finding spices and are a great way to take advantage of space if you are limited. Organizers that can fit into a cabinet or pantry shelf can make finding spices much easier. Another option is a cabinet door spice rack like our rotating easy fit spice organizer! When your cabinet or rack is clean from it’s wipe down, place them back in their homes.

3. Ditch excess glassware

Are you ever going to use the seven mugs you received at work events or as gifts? Keep only the dishes you use regularly. If you’re saying, “No, I might need them for a party or houseguests,” ask yourself when you last used them. If you genuinely use them but only occasionally, pack the extras into a storage box like this one from Home Depot and store them in the attic or basement. Pull them out for the occasion and then put them back into storage. Another way to free up some cabinet space is to use a rotating mug tree for the coffee mugs you use most often. We have a great option here!

4. Purge your countertops

A lot of gadgets and appliances on your countertops will equate to a lot of excessive kitchen clutter. Survey your kitchen counters and assess the last time you needed to use your juicer, pasta roller, bread maker or other “special use” appliances.


Take control of your limited space by stashing unnecessary kitchen appliances and utensils in less visible spaces – such as your snack pantry, scullery, or even a space further from the kitchen if you don’t use the item regularly. Personally, I keep my air fryer in the bottom of my pantry because it sees weekly use, and my slow cooker has a home in the attic because I use it annually.


It can be easy to let appliances collect dust on your counters, especially after a long day of prepping and cooking, but be firm about your aesthetic kitchen goals. Make it a daily habit to clean, clear, and organize your counter spaces and hold yourself to the routine – your future self will thank you for the decluttered space.

Clean countertop

5. Create an organization station

A lot of everyday clutter disguises itself as kitchen clutter. Lanyards, keys, wallets, paperwork, schedules, and more tend to collect and build up in the home’s most used room – the kitchen.

To organize this often ambiguous area, dedicate a corner or slice of your kitchen as a “family center” of sorts. You can really put your creative touch on this – in my home, my family center is characterized by a cork board for everyone to post their schedule, a wicker basket to hold items such as phone chargers and other non-kitchen accessories that wind up there, and a whiteboard to write quick messages or reminders. Organizing a family center is a great way to establish a spot for random items that frequent your kitchen and makes your daily routine of decluttering a bit easier – I recommend it to all!

Kitchen Sink

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